Apr 292016

First, I must apologize if this violates anyone’s copyrights or anything, but I just found this on the internet and felt I had to do something with it. I use this track solely out of respect, admiration and love of the music.

This started out as an instrumental version of Purple Rain, recorded on a rather old tape in I believe 1984. It’s just a keyboard and strings, and as far as I can tell, I think Prince may actually be playing the keyboard on this recording. If you listen closely at the end, you can hear his voice counting off for the strings to come in, and the strings that play right afterward sound very much like the end of the album and movie version.

It may not be commonly known, but initial versions of Purple Rain had 4 verses, even though only 3 were performed regularly, and only 3 ended up on the movie soundtrack. This track was recorded with 4 verses, though the 3rd verse doesn’t really fit with the post 1999 lyrics that I saw him perform, and that are the more meaningful lyrics to me personally. So with the utmost respect and love, I sang the 3 verses with post 1999 lyrics, and have written a fourth verse from the heart.

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Apr 262016

On Thursday, April 21, 2016, God took away from this world the greatest musician and performer who ever blessed us with his gifts and talents. I have heard words like devastated and shocked used to describe the feelings people had when they heard the news, but to this day I have no words that come close enough to describe the great hole left in music by the passing of THE ARTIST, Prince.

Upon hearing the news, I immediately shut down my music page and left only a link to an index of my previously recorded tracks. However, now that I have something worthy of sharing, I have brought the entire page back, with the addition of probably his most well-known song. Special thanks to Ameritz and Google for this amazing version, which is the only full length backing track I could find, and is actually quite close to the version from the movie soundtrack, although I used Prince’s lyrics from just prior to the year 2000 rather than the original 1984 lyrics, as the 2000 lyrics just felt right in this case.

Prince, I hope you can hear this where you are. I’m not even in your musical league, but I do hope I knocked this one out of the park for you. In any case, I did give it all I had to give, so I hope you’re listening, and I hope you like it. There’s more to come.

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Jul 282015

I just heard what some would call disturbing news on the radio. Apparently, people like me who support and believe in the Black Lives Matter movement and what it stands for are essentially extremists and paid protesters. Well then I am officially coming forward as an extremist, as I am not getting paid to stand in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and I wholeheartedly support what it represents. When my family has to live in terror because a police officer can shoot or torture one of them to death, then I will wear the extremist title proudly, because #BlackLivesMatter! When my church family has to live in terror because an armed terrorist can enter a place of worship and kill nearly everyone there, and when terrorists can burn up churches in the name of racism, I will wear the extremist title proudly, because #BlackLivesMatter! When my friends have to live in fear because someone who doesn’t even work for law enforcement can shoot them down in the street because they think they shouldn’t be where they are, wearing what they are wearing, I will wear my extremist badge of honor, because Black lives matter! And when someone can set off a bomb in a public place in the name of Alah and be called a terrorist, but someone shooting up a church is simply disturbed or mentally ill, and the shooting is at best called a hate crime, and will never be tried as the federal capital charge of domestic terrorism that it is, then I will wave my extremist flag for all the world to see, because Black lives matter! So if supporting a movement that celebrates the lives of Black people in America is extremism, then I am more than happy to be called an extremist. Go ahead and call me whatever names you like. It won’t change the facts, and to those of you who would say that all lives matter, I guess mine no longer does, because I wholeheartedly support the movement that celebrates and raises awareness of the importance of the lives of my family and my friends, and I know how little extremist lives matter to some. BLACK LIVES MATTER!

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Jun 032015

I consider any “pro life movement” that doesn’t acknowledge the need for universal health care to be invalid and just blowing hot air. Anyone who claims to be “pro life” and doesn’t push for universal health care is effectively saying that life begins at conception and ends at birth. For the record, I consider myself to be largely pro life, and because of this, I recognize health care from cradle to grave to be a fundamental human right, although I will also advocate for my own personal right to die if I feel I am becoming a burgen to my family and friends, and there is little hope of sufficiently improving my quality of life to the point where I am no longer such a burden.

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Apr 272015

I was extremely happy with the concept of LetsEncrypt and what it represents for the whole of the internet:

Let’s Encrypt is a new Certificate Authority:
It’s free, automated, and open.
Arriving Mid-2015

until I saw this little tidbit from the latest draft of their certificate policy:

Copyright Notice
Copyright © 2014 ISRG and/or its licensors. All rights reserved.
This document is provided for the intended recipient’s review only. Do not redistribute this document, in
part or in whole, without first obtaining prior written consent from ISRG.
To request consent, contact ISRG at or write:
Internet Security Research Group
331 E. Evelyn Ave.
Mountain View, CA 94041

I really do hope that this copywrong notice extends only as far as the draft, and that they will liberate the certificate policy once it is finalized. How in the world can they claim to be free and open when they close off and proprietize one of their most important documents?

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