May 152014

Thank God for these pastors and these churches! I’m not a pastor myself, but as a Christian, I stand firmly with these pastors and pray for the devine favor of God on their lives and on their churches. Thank you for saying almost exactly what I wrote about in my blog post last August, which was prompted by the public performance of “Same Love” during last year’s VMA Awards, and thank you for having the courage to take a stand for God and for what you believe.

Pastors from North Carolina, where we have a similar constitutional amendment, need to come together and set the record straight as well, especially since North Carolina is one of the southern states where the struggle for Civil Rights, that’s the capitalized Civil Rights, as in integration and racial equality, was most hard fought and most painful for those who were forced to endure the horrors and atrocities of racism and slavery. We must let the Church and God be our conscience in this matter, just as the Church and God were the conscience that initially sparked the Civil Rights Movement, and brought many great things to pass, even though the struggle is far from over, pushed into the background by those who would coopt today’s Civil Rights struggle and cheapen the fight for equality with distractions and false analogies.

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