Black Lives Matter, and I am officially an extremist

I just heard what some would call disturbing news on the radio. Apparently, people like me who support and believe in the Black Lives Matter movement and what it stands for are essentially extremists and paid protesters. Well then I am officially coming forward as an extremist, as I am not getting paid to stand in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and I wholeheartedly support what it represents. When my family has to live in terror because a police officer can shoot or torture one of them to death, then I will wear the extremist title proudly, because #BlackLivesMatter! When my church family has to live in terror because an armed terrorist can enter a place of worship and kill nearly everyone there, and when terrorists can burn up churches in the name of racism, I will wear the extremist title proudly, because #[BlackLivesMatter](! When my friends have to live in fear because someone who doesn’t even work for law enforcement can shoot them down in the street because they think they shouldn’t be where they are, wearing what they are wearing, I will wear my extremist badge of honor, because Black lives matter! And when someone can set off a bomb in a public place in the name of Alah and be called a terrorist, but someone shooting up a church is simply disturbed or mentally ill, and the shooting is at best called a hate crime, and will never be tried as the federal capital charge of domestic terrorism that it is, then I will wave my extremist flag for all the world to see, because Black lives matter! So if supporting a movement that celebrates the lives of Black people in America is extremism, then I am more than happy to be called an extremist. Go ahead and call me whatever names you like. It won’t change the facts, and to those of you who would say that all lives matter, I guess mine no longer does, because I wholeheartedly support the movement that celebrates and raises awareness of the importance of the lives of my family and my friends, and I know how little extremist lives matter to some. BLACK LIVES MATTER!