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It's not a commodity. It is a commodity, but we don't want to treat it like one. It's way too precious for that.


Instant coffee is supposed to taste bad ... or is it?

Last month, my wife, mother-in-law and daughter went to a local festival. My wife came back home thrilled about a cup of coffee they had while they were there. Then she told me that this amazing cup of coffee was instant. Well, naturally, I remained quite skeptical, since although I trust my wife, my experiences with instant coffee had, up to that point, been all bad. I did receive a link where I could buy the coffee and many other things, and I did give it a quick look. I didn’t, however, feel inclined to purchase this coffee, because again, I had had only bad experiences with instant coffee in the past.

Then, last Thursday, I was invited as a guest to a meeting that took place yesterday, where the shopping portal that sells this coffee and many other things was presented and discussed. I got the chance to taste the coffee first-hand, and found out that all the wonderful things my wife and mother-in-law had said about it were indeed true. The cup of coffee I had was simply amazing! If I hadn't already known it was instant, I never would have guessed. Then I found out that the shopping portal web site that I was given access to was in fact my own business where I could sell this coffee myself, along with all the many other things on the site. Well, the coffee was so good that I decided to give it a shot and let everyone know how they can get it. If you love good coffee as I do, take a quick look at Kyle's Coffee and More I can no longer find this coffee, probably went down with the YTB ship, click on “wellness”, and from there, click on “Ganovia coffee.” There are two blends available, depending on your taste. Each bag contains 30 packets of the best instant coffee you ever tasted. And, while you’re there, feel free to shop all the other stores and deals I have available, everything from Walmart and Target to Clear internet and DirecTV. I have chosen to focus on the Ganovia coffee, because I really love it, but there's definitely something for everyone, even if you don't like coffee, at Kyle's Coffee and More store now defunct, company was a scam, though the coffee wasn't.

You know, in the last few years a lot of people have given up on saving the world, trying to be a successful business person, or being a good parent, and instead are concentrating on making a decent cup of coffee.

- Red Green.

LOL - more truth than fiction! :D

(via coffeegeek) A decent cup of coffee will save the world! :D

Anyone going out in today's ugly weather? Stop by Counterculture Coffee at 4911 S. alston Ave at 10:00 for their Friday coffee cupping.

Coffee cupping time! Come to Counterculture Coffee at 10:00 this morning to learn about and taste some of the world's finest coffees.