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Happy birthdayHoly cow! The Kyle File turned 4 today!

Wow this takes me back to high school! I just found a copy of the DOS version of Prince of Persia! The difference between the copy I just found and the one I've had since high school is the fact that the new copy doesn't make me drink the correct lettered potion to gain access to level 2. I really do hope this is legal.


Hey cool! Sounds like a fraternity, but it's really just me lol. Yay for Greek transliteration. Google even translates it correctly back into English.


Taken from

Kyle - We cannot find any historically significant people with the first name Kyle.

Kyles of the world, start a Kyle revolution! Let us all become historically significant! All the personality traits at the link show us we can do it. GO KYLES!

I crushed a friend in a funny Facebook argument: Android vs iPhone vs Blackberry.

Brandon: iPhone 5 is almost Here!! (link removed)
Kyle: DROID!
Brandon: Ha! No way! iPhone is the phone Jesus would be using.
Kyle: Hey, what if we're both wrong? What if Jesus prefers Blackberry? Boy would we be in trouble! :P
Brandon: Hmm I don't know.. maybe Jesus who works at the cowboy boot store uses a Blackberry but Jesus who walked on water uses a Apple product. Just ask Adam ;)
Kyle: Well, I guess Adam would have used an Apple product. Why, because Eve was charmed by the snake, and they both bought... uh I mean ate the Apple. Lol.
Brandon: touche'