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Police brutality and racial profiling protect NO ONE. It's time for systemic policing change. #JourneyforJustice

North Carolina has a "stand your ground" law

I'm by no means a lawyer, but it would appear that North Carolina has some sections in its "castle doctrine" laws that extend past the home, motor vehicle or workplace in a similar way to Florida's “stand your ground” law. Hopefully someone can clarify some of this, and share it. People need to know about this so we can get our “stand your ground” law repealed, or at the very least, significantly modified.

Justice is dead in America! A child can be gunned down in this country, and the killer will go free! Free to purchase another gun to kill another child! It is no longer safe to walk alone in the dark, even to go home from the store! It is now OK in the “great” United States of America to racially profile someone, shase that person down and kill him with a semi-automatic handgun, all in the name of the neighborhood watch! I am officially no longer proud to be an American.

This real paranoid wannabe cop needs to go up for a long time. Believe it or not, he actually called police on a Black man who regularly picks up trash in his neighborhood. If "f???ing c??ns," or "f???ing punks" if you believe the attorneys, wasn't bad enough, it would seem that all Black men, especially those in their teens and twenties, are suspicious to him. It's truly sad that the jury only heard this specific call once, and the prosecution never used it in their closing argument. I pray this call is not lost on the jury, and that it helps them reach a guilty verdict. Life without parole for George Zimmerman!

Stop confusing the issue. We can plainly see that Zimmerman's injuries are not serious enough to shoot and kill a child.