Bible posts

Posts from the Bible, unless reposted from other sources, are taken from the World English Bible, a modern English translation of the Bible that has been dedicated to the public domain. There is no copyright on this translation, and I waive any and all copyrights and related restrictions I would ordinarily be able to claim on any compilation of the text of God’s Word. Freely you received, so freely give.” Or do anything else you would like with the text.

Other posts

All my original posts are dedicated to the public domain. I hereby waive any and all copyrights and related restrictions on all my original works. Other people’s copyrights may still apply, E.G. if I sing with an accompaniment track or share an interesting article or other material I found elsewhere on the internet, and those copyrights will be noted wherever appropriate. However, I wholehartedly refuse, and believe it’s morally wrong, for me to place any sensorship or other restrictions on anyone’s freedom to use my portion of anything I post here for any purpose whatsoever. Be blessed by what you see here, share it and enjoy it however you like.

With God’s Love,


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