In memory of the greatest Artist of all time

On Thursday, April 21, 2016, God took away from this world the greatest musician and performer who ever blessed us with his gifts and talents. I have heard words like devastated and shocked used to describe the feelings people had when they heard the news, but to this day I have no words that come close enough to describe the great hole left in music by the passing of THE ARTIST, Prince.

Upon hearing the news, I immediately shut down my music page and left only a link to an index of my previously recorded tracks. However, now that I have something worthy of sharing, I have brought the entire page back, with the addition of probably his most well-known song. Special thanks to Ameritz and Google for this amazing version, which is the only full length backing track I could find, and is actually quite close to the version from the movie soundtrack, although I used Prince’s lyrics from just prior to the year 2000 rather than the original 1984 lyrics, as the 2000 lyrics just felt right in this case.

Prince, I hope you can hear this where you are. I’m not even in your musical league, but I do hope I knocked this one out of the park for you. In any case, I did give it all I had to give, so I hope you’re listening, and I hope you like it. There’s more to come.