Oct 102014

In related news, polygamy and consentual incest are still illegal in the entirety of the United States. Someone tell me how this possibly could make any sense at all? How is it legal for two men to obtain a marriage license, but it is not legal for a brother and a sister to be married? Why is it that two women can be legally married to each other, but 3 women or 2 men and a woman can’t? The ironic thing is that I’ve heard all kinds of talk about how love is love, and that the government should stay out of our business, but love is still not love when siblings can’t be recognized legally as being married, and the government is certainly in the people’s business when they can dictate that a woman can’t have multiple husbands or a man can’t have multiple wives. If so-called gay marriage is the law of the land, then we must by the same laws be granted the rights to have polyamorous and incestuous relationships recognized as marriage also, so long as all parties are in agreement and concent to being in such a domestic relationship. The idea that love is love can demand no less. It’s all or nothing. There can be no degrees here. I’m no judge, but I know that this is simply not right. Either the government has the power to dictate who and how many can be in a legally recognized marriage, or it has no power in these matters at all. There can be no middle ground. Either love is love and concent is concent, or the definition of marriage that has held ever since it wasn’t good for the man to be alone, and therefore God created a woman from him and for him, must remain immutable.

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  1. Because Incest is wrong
    • Yes, this was my whole point. Both homosexuality and incest are wrong. So if we are willing to accept one wrong, why are we not willing to accept another? Why is it that one wrong can become right and acceptable, whereas the other cannot? If homosexuality is so right these days, then what is it that still determines that incest is wrong, as long as the parties involved all concent, which seems to be the only real test of right and wrong applied to sexual acts in our time.

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