Migration complete, I think

So I've been playing around with Wordpress off and on for a couple of years in a rather half-hearted attempt to move my blog from Tumblr to my own VPS. Well, I finally started playing with it seriously over the last couple of days, and found that I was able to import all my posts into my new blog, which is now hosted on my own DigitalOcean VPS. After taking care of some theming and plugin customizations and rewriting my pages, I feel like The Kyle File powered by Wordpress is now ready to see the light of day. I have completed the migration of the domain name's DNS settings and edited the Feedburner details for the feed, so everything should just work mostly as it always did. Please note that if you have been following me on Tumblr, I will make every attempt to keep it updated as well, so my posts will still show up on your dashboard. However, thekyle.tk* will always bring you to my shiny new blog powered by Wordpress.

* My blog's domain name changed; I keep the old text for historical preservation, but change the link reference to the correct domain name.