Oct 212013

A special thanks goes out to my server provider, DigitalOcean. They are featuring a new free/open source blogging platform called Ghost, which may just give me the kick I need to move my blog off Tumblr, which is now owned and controled by Yahoo, onto my own server. DigitalOcean is even offering $10 promotional credits to pay for a new 512MB RAM/20GB hdd server for 2 months using promo code SSDGHOST10 when setting up an account.


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  1. I found that Ghost was just a bit too complicated to install in the environment I’m using. It’s great for single-domain installations where the server handles only one domain name, but it’s complicated to get it installed and running in a multi-domain/virtual host system, where many websites are being served by a single machine. I decided to go with WordPress instead. The installation is actually dead simple, and it was only the theming that needed some customization to get it the way I wanted it. I also installed a Markdown plugin so I can post in a simple and comfortable format. Oh yeah, and the WordPress app] for android simply kicks ass, even on Gingerbread!

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