Oct 132014

Could someone please tell me how a federal judge can not only move against the will of the people of a state by repealing a state constitutional amendment that we overwhelmingly voted for, but can also strike off our books the law that has been in effect for many many years, which the constitutional amendment was written to uphold? Is no one aware of the fact that the repeal of the law that Amendment 1 upheld was never brought to a vote, nor was it even discussed, in our General Assembly, yet the law was effectively repealed by a single federal judge who happens to hold office in this state? I’m no political science or constitutional law scholar, but this just seems like an end run around the political process that we are said to hold in such high regard in this state and in this nation. So bills are no longer introduced in the North Carolina General Assembly, to become law when voted for and signed by the Governor. Instead, the federal court, and yes, even one single federal judge, has the power to make and even change or repeal laws, contrary to our state laws, even without the support of the Legislature, the Governor and the will of the people. So even the worldly system of government doesn’t work anymore. How broken does it need to get before people wake up and try to do something about it, assuming it’s not too late already?

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Oct 102014

In related news, polygamy and consentual incest are still illegal in the entirety of the United States. Someone tell me how this possibly could make any sense at all? How is it legal for two men to obtain a marriage license, but it is not legal for a brother and a sister to be married? Why is it that two women can be legally married to each other, but 3 women or 2 men and a woman can’t? The ironic thing is that I’ve heard all kinds of talk about how love is love, and that the government should stay out of our business, but love is still not love when siblings can’t be recognized legally as being married, and the government is certainly in the people’s business when they can dictate that a woman can’t have multiple husbands or a man can’t have multiple wives. If so-called gay marriage is the law of the land, then we must by the same laws be granted the rights to have polyamorous and incestuous relationships recognized as marriage also, so long as all parties are in agreement and concent to being in such a domestic relationship. The idea that love is love can demand no less. It’s all or nothing. There can be no degrees here. I’m no judge, but I know that this is simply not right. Either the government has the power to dictate who and how many can be in a legally recognized marriage, or it has no power in these matters at all. There can be no middle ground. Either love is love and concent is concent, or the definition of marriage that has held ever since it wasn’t good for the man to be alone, and therefore God created a woman from him and for him, must remain immutable.

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Sep 232014

Here’s a history lesson you won’t find in any schoolbook. Ultimately, Abraham Lincoln did free the slaves, but for what purpose? What was he really thinking, or what pressure was put on him to ultimately do the right thing? Did he suddenly find Jesus when he unconditionally freed the slaves, or did he have some other possibly sinister motive for such a sudden reversal, perhaps just out of spite, trying to hit the south where he knew it would hurt rather than actually doing what was right because it was right? There’s no doubt in my mind that God did use him to fulfill His will, but I remain skeptical of the idea that Lincoln actually did the right thing because he knew it was right, especially when reading this quote.

You and we are different races. We have between us a broader difference than exists between almost any other two races. Whether it is right or wrong I need not discuss, but this physical difference is a great disadvantage to us both, as I think your race suffer very greatly, many of them by living among us, while ours suffer from your presence. In a word we suffer on each side. If this is admitted, it affords a reason at least why we should be separated.

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Jun 032014

I just found out some very disturbing news. Even after a “major systems upgrade,” our bank is still running its online banking system from Microsoft Windows machines running the known to be insecure IIS web server. And I’ve been sending my login credentials to this system for years, and even making transfers between accounts and paying bills from this insecure online banking system. It’s easy to see that ssl encryption is no guarantee of security, especially when viruses can easily destroy and compromise sensative personal and financial information stored on the underlying operating system and web server infrastructure. I urge everyone to check the http headers and served files on your banking website, or the website of the bank you are thinking of doing business with in the future. If you see asp or aspx in the address bar in your browser, or if you see “Microsoft IIS” or anything similar in the http headers, run the other way, or don’t do your online banking from their website. Also, if this is your current bank, try to call or message them. Do your best to get someone on the phone or in an e-mail or secure message conversation who can determine policy at the bank, and try to convince them that their insecure online banking system could cause unintentional harm to their customers and their account information and other personal financial data. I would recommend convincing their IT department or whoever works with the online banking system to migrate to a Unix-like operating system such as Linux or FreeBSD. It is much easier to keep these systems up and running, and it is much easier to keep them properly secured against viruses and other malicious attempts to compromise personal data or even the underlying operating system.

May 152014

Thank God for these pastors and these churches! I’m not a pastor myself, but as a Christian, I stand firmly with these pastors and pray for the devine favor of God on their lives and on their churches. Thank you for saying almost exactly what I wrote about in my blog post last August, which was prompted by the public performance of “Same Love” during last year’s VMA Awards, and thank you for having the courage to take a stand for God and for what you believe.

Pastors from North Carolina, where we have a similar constitutional amendment, need to come together and set the record straight as well, especially since North Carolina is one of the southern states where the struggle for Civil Rights, that’s the capitalized Civil Rights, as in integration and racial equality, was most hard fought and most painful for those who were forced to endure the horrors and atrocities of racism and slavery. We must let the Church and God be our conscience in this matter, just as the Church and God were the conscience that initially sparked the Civil Rights Movement, and brought many great things to pass, even though the struggle is far from over, pushed into the background by those who would coopt today’s Civil Rights struggle and cheapen the fight for equality with distractions and false analogies.

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