My heart is on fire,
A burning desire,
God’s love takes me higher,
Lifted from the mire.

The Word of God is true,
Shows me what to do
When I’m going through
Trials, temptations too.

LORD I praise Your name,
For you took the blame,
All my guilt and shame
I no longer claim.

I worship You alone,
Who sits upon the throne,
And when my life is done,
You’ll welcome me home.

The song of love,
Let it sing to me.
The song of love,
Let it sing in me.
The song of love,
Let it sing through me.
Let me sing the song of love.

The song of God,
May He sing to me.
The song of God,
May He sing in me.
The song of God,
May He sing through me.
Let me be the song of God.

 The Holy Bible
Speaks of one who came to save
 Our lost dying world

 Jesus is the way
Come to God through Jesus Christ
 And be saved by grace

 Sing a song of praise
Sing to Him who gave us breath
 For He is our God

 All people rejoyce
Jesus Christ has saved us all
 From sin by His grace

 Angels in Heaven
Born of love from God’s own heart
 Teach the world to love

 Living water flows
From Jesus who gives us all
 Life everlasting

 Sing praise to The LORD
Father Son and Holy Ghost
 Praise Him all creatures

 Most merciful God
Touch me with your healing hand
 Calm my doubts and fears

 Most holy Father
Maker of Heaven and Earth
 Hold me in your arms

 At the Cross of Christ
Blood flows forth like a fountain
 Wash our sins away

 If not for my voice
Rocks would shake the world awake
 Praising their maker

 Heavenly Father
Give me strength to face the day
 And give sleep tonight

 Jesus you’re my life
I live only to serve You
 Each and every day

 Holy God above
You have made me who I am
 I will praise your name

God is love they say
But what does this really mean?
 Learn from His own Word

 Touch me now dear LORD
My heart, my mind, my body
 Make me whole again

 God made you and me
He made us in His image
 Let us all give thanks

 My LORD Jesus Christ
I give my whole self to you
 Use me as you will

 His heart full of love
Jesus gave His life for me
 I bow in worship

 Come now to Jesus
He will give eternal life
 It is not too late

 Jesus you’re my rock
A fortress strong and mighty
 On your Word I stand

 Jesus is my LORD
I praise the name of Jesus
 Forever amen

 Angels in Heaven
Rejoyce when lost souls come home
 Come to Jesus Christ

 Going to the church
To praise and to worship God
 And to hear His Word

 Images of God
Photographs of Him on Earth
 We should look like Him

 God will be with us
No matter where we may be
 Everywhere we go

 Jesus Christ is LORD
He rules all Heaven and Earth
 And He is my God

 Conduits for Christ
His Spirit living in us
 We display His light

 My LORD Jesus Christ
Make me a new creation
 Washed clean by Your Blood

 With the help of God
Nothing is impossible
 Keep the faith, my friend

 God gave His own Son
To save a world lost in sin
 Come to Christ and live

 My heart is open
To the words that come from God
 Speak to me, Jesus

 Forgetting the past
Pressing on toward the goal
 Of God’s high calling

 Holy Lamb of God
Sacrificed to save my soul
 I will worship You

 Down like gentle rain
Up like a flame in my heart
 Come Holy Spirit

 Dying in my sin
I need Your grace and mercy
 Save me LORD Jesus

 The name of Jesus
Brings healing and salvation
 To our dying world

 I can do all things
Through the one who strengthens me
 Jesus is His name

 The glory of God
Outshines the sun in the sky
 Bow before His throne

 I live for the LORD
Who has made me who I am
 LORD You are my life

 Jesus in the storm
Calms the waves with just a word
 Put your faith in Him

 Between the two thieves
Our LORD died to save us all
 But death lost its grip