Serious questions about our system of government

Could someone please tell me how a federal judge can not only move against the will of the people of a state by repealing a state constitutional amendment that we overwhelmingly voted for, but can also strike off our books the law that has been in effect for many many years, which the constitutional amendment was written to uphold? Is no one aware of the fact that the repeal of the law that Amendment 1 upheld was never brought to a vote, nor was it even discussed, in our General Assembly, yet the law was effectively repealed by a single federal judge who happens to hold office in this state? I’m no political science or constitutional law scholar, but this just seems like an end run around the political process that we are said to hold in such high regard in this state and in this nation. So bills are no longer introduced in the North Carolina General Assembly, to become law when voted for and signed by the Governor. Instead, the federal court, and yes, even one single federal judge, has the power to make and even change or repeal laws, contrary to our state laws, even without the support of the Legislature, the Governor and the will of the people. So even the worldly system of government doesn’t work anymore. How broken does it need to get before people wake up and try to do something about it, assuming it’s not too late already?