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I Will Press

This is the song that I initially wrote for the Christ Conduit Podcast in October of 2009. I rerecorded this song and submitted it to Nicole Bus in May of 2021 and won one of two producer kits she gave away, which included a microphone and isolation filter, monitor speakers, a USB MIDI keyboard and noise cancelling headphones that can connect via either bluetooth or a 3.5mm cable. Honestly I only wanted her to hear me. I didn't expect to win anything. But it really felt good to find out I had won, and this kit has gotten lots of good use since then, though I haven't got anything ready for release yet. This recording is released to the public domain by the author. Enjoy and be blessed.


Hey cool! Sounds like a fraternity, but it's really just me lol. Yay for Greek transliteration. Google even translates it correctly back into English.


My heart is on fire,
A burning desire,
God's love takes me higher,
Lifted from the mire.

The Word of God is true,
Shows me what to do
When I’m going through
Trials, temptations too.

LORD I praise Your name,
For you took the blame,
All my guilt and shame
I no longer claim.

I worship You alone,
Who sits upon the throne,
And when my life is done,
You'll welcome me home.


The Song of Love

The song of love,
Let it sing to me.
The song of love,
Let it sing in me.
The song of love,
Let it sing through me.
Let me sing the song of love.

The song of God,
May He sing to me.
The song of God,
May He sing in me.
The song of God,
May He sing through me.
Let me be the song of God.

This poem is in the public domain.

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Kyle - We cannot find any historically significant people with the first name Kyle.

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