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Jesus had a special place in His heart for the poor. Ask God how you might use your gifts and talents to improve the plight of the poor in your community.

TGIF (Today God Is First) devotional, 12/21/2012

It's truly humbling and amazing to know that God has used you to be a blessing even to one person. Have you loved your neighbor today?

Love Your Neighbor

In our society, we love to donate to people we can’t see, especially people in other countries. This is great. But we also need to remember to love our neighbor. There are plenty of people in need that we can see every day. You will never know just how good a hot meal can be until you buy or make it for someone you can talk to and pray with who isn’t sure where that next hot meal will come from, if it comes at all.

Take this moment to pray for your neighbor. Not just the one who lives next door, but the one you see on the street as well. Buy someone near you a bag of groceries or a hot meal. Give the gift of friendship. Take the time to get to know someone less fortunate than yourself and pray with them. Feed the world, but feed your neighbor also. Feed belly and spirit alike. Do this not only during the holidays, but throughout the year. This is an important part of the Great Commission, as you will be able to reach more people with the Good News of Christ by example than you will be able to reach just with words. Have you loved your neighbor today?

God does not want us to have a religion; He wants us to have a two-way relationship with Him.

TGIF (Today God Is First) Devotional, 12/14/2012

My heart is on fire,
A burning desire,
God's love takes me higher,
Lifted from the mire.

The Word of God is true,
Shows me what to do
When I’m going through
Trials, temptations too.

LORD I praise Your name,
For you took the blame,
All my guilt and shame
I no longer claim.

I worship You alone,
Who sits upon the throne,
And when my life is done,
You'll welcome me home.