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I Will Press

This is the song that I initially wrote for the Christ Conduit Podcast in October of 2009. I rerecorded this song and submitted it to Nicole Bus in May of 2021 and won one of two producer kits she gave away, which included a microphone and isolation filter, monitor speakers, a USB MIDI keyboard and noise cancelling headphones that can connect via either bluetooth or a 3.5mm cable. Honestly I only wanted her to hear me. I didn't expect to win anything. But it really felt good to find out I had won, and this kit has gotten lots of good use since then, though I haven't got anything ready for release yet. This recording is released to the public domain by the author. Enjoy and be blessed.

Lift Every Voice and Sing

This is the stereo audio version of my video on Youtube and on my website. Feel free to right click this player and download the file for your enjoyment offline as well as on the internet. May this song be a blessing to all who hear it.

Sorry, but I have to disagree with many of the American Idol comments I’ve seen so far. Season 10 has seen the worst winner in AI history! At no time has someone who simply has no singing voice gone all the way to the top. A few non-singers usually last longer than they should, but they’ve never made it all the way until now. Ladies and gentlemen, American Idol is officially dead! Please don’t bring it back for another dreadful season! I can’t wait for The X Factor, which I pray will be what AI is no longer: a true singing competition where all the contestants, but especially the winners, can truly sing.

Channels Only

This song is more than a hundred years old, but it is still very powerful and expresses a strong desire to be a channel of God's power here on earth. Be blessed as you enjoy listening to and sharing this lovely tune.

How Great Is Our God

This is one of my favorites. I'd like to give a big thank you to Brandon Crawford at Carpenter's Shop International Church in Ahoskie, NC for the instrumental arrangement for this great song.