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Kyle's Featured Store is now closed

Due to changes beyond my control, Kyle's Featured Store will no longer be presented on Saturday mornings. Also, the Kyle's Coffee and More link has been removed from this blog and from my website. The company that provided the shopping site that gave my customers cash back when they made purchases is no longer offering this service. I apologize for any problems this may cause.

The same company does offer other possibilities, so check back for a new Kyle's Coffee and More link, or possibly Kyle's Coffee, in the future, as I may be able to sell the coffee I love so much on my own website. If so, the announcement will be made here, and links will be added where appropriate. The company behind this store asked for an unreasonable fee to keep it going, then completely vanished from the internet, and even its parent seems to be gone. Had I given them the money they wanted, I would have been screwed out of hundreds of dollars, and I seriously doubt that any customer actually received cash back from Kyle's Coffee and More.