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Hard to believe some people's ignorance of how Windows works

I just received an e-mail from someone who believes that just because he refuses to use Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, that the viruses, spyware and other problems that affect these applications cannot impact his system in any way. He refuses to understand that Internet Explorer is still integrated so tightly into Windows that it always runs whether you use it or not, and is still capable of picking up viruses, spyware and other exploits that give attackers unparrallelled access to a computer at little to no cost of time or energy.

Strangely, the same person thinks there is no speech synthesizer in Linux that can speak the language he needs. Funny that I found one in all of 1 minute, and wasn’t even half looking for it. Even better, the voices I found are able to be used by two different freedomware speech synthesizers, Espeak and Festival.

I have heard it said that someone who has no knowledge of how a computer works shouldn’t even sit down in front of one. I never wanted to take it that far, but the person who e-mailed me and prompted me to write this blog post is starting to make me feel that this is more true than I ever imagined.

Yeehaw! PicoSpeaker's official web site is up and fully functional.

I finally got it working. I will still use the Git repository on Gitlab, but PicoSpeaker, my flexible interface to SVox Pico on Linux, now has a fully functional web site at project is abandoned, website no longer works. And, in the traditional Kyle style, the full site source code is released into the public domain, and can be downloaded by clicking the bright green box at the bottom of any page. Enjoy, and God bless.

PicoSpeaker gets a new home

My little PicoSpeaker program is moving into a new home. The Git repo will still be on Github Gitlab where it's always been where it moved after the Microsoft takeover, but the downloads and all information about the program will soon be available from its official web site official website, now defunct. Enjoy the new look. Wow! I didn’t know I could do all this free of charge! Waaaaay cool!