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New blogging platform to try

A special thanks goes out to my server provider, DigitalOcean. They are featuring a new free/open source blogging platform called Ghost, which may just give me the kick I need to move my blog off Tumblr, which is now owned and controled by Yahoo, onto my own server. DigitalOcean is even offering $10 promotional credits to pay for a new 512MB RAM/20GB hdd server for 2 months using promo code SSDGHOST10 when setting up an account.

Web hosting re-evaluation: What should I do?

Would you believe it? As soon as I get my main website back up on a new host, the server it was on is once again online after having been down for 2 days. I really can’t complain though, the original server has been online longer than any other I’ve used.

So now I have several options. I can

a) switch the DNS A records for and back to the server I know to be reliable, with the exception of the last two days
b) leave those sites on the new host and transfer the rest, one per day until they are all transferred (I can only create one website per 24 hours, I guess to prevent spam)
c) use my dns service to provide failover, a to b or b to a in case something goes wrong again with either one, the main problem with that being the difference in the way the hosting providers handle mail
d) ditch the whole shared hosting idea and just buy a vps, maybe with a shared hosting DNS failover on a free host, likely a or b, as a backup for the important stuff

Thoughts, suggestions I haven't thought of, or recommendations for a reliable, inexpensive, small vps, preferably with unmetered bandwidth, anything else, leave a comment. Thanks.