This time, it's personal

First, I must apologize if this violates anyone’s copyrights or anything, but I just found this on the internet and felt I had to do something with it. I use this track solely out of respect, admiration and love of the music.

This started out as an instrumental version of Purple Rain, recorded on a rather old tape in I believe 1984. It’s just a keyboard and strings, and as far as I can tell, I think Prince may actually be playing the keyboard on this recording. If you listen closely at the end, you can hear his voice counting off for the strings to come in, and the strings that play right afterward sound very much like the end of the album and movie version.

It may not be commonly known, but initial versions of Purple Rain had 4 verses, even though only 3 were performed regularly, and only 3 ended up on the movie soundtrack. This track was recorded with 4 verses, though the 3rd verse doesn’t really fit with the post 1999 lyrics that I saw him perform, and that are the more meaningful lyrics to me personally. So with the utmost respect and love, I sang the 3 verses with post 1999 lyrics, and have written a fourth verse from the heart.